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The BOSS Leadership Series delivers crisp, engaging training events guaranteed to make your managers grow, smile, and participate. How do we do it? By having unique content and the best instructors in the business world.

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And then there was COVID. While we've had unbelievable success with clients in live classroom style training, 2020 made us better. As a result, all BOSS engagements are now available in virtual class sessions as well as on-demand.

There's no reason to wait to invest in your people managers. We've maximized the virtual classroom and learned to love it for the strengths it has. Add on-demand components to your plan, and the BOSS Leadership Series is built for whatever the future holds.


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Usually, you get what you pay for. But nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to our blog - Best Hire Ever. Sign up via the form to the right and BOSS founder Kris Dunn will give you quick hits multiple times per week on the art of managing people. 

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But you just couldn't find something that made sense, right? That's why we created the BOSS Leadership Series. We're the common sense solution designed to actually give managers the personal tools and skills they need to improve team outcomes.

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